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We help parents educate their children to use the potty with independence without the stress, mess, or overwhelm.

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With so much conflicting advice, it's hard to feel confident about potty training.

"Wait until after the age of three"

"Whatever you do, don't wait until after three"

"Go bare bottom"

"Wait until they show interest"

"Give them treats" 

"Whatever you do, don't bribe them!"

You probably haven't heard this much advice since you were hoping to have your child sleep through the night.

What's a parent to do?! If you're like most parents, you google "how to toilet train toddlers" or something similar. You look at the hundreds (literally) of books on Amazon and notice that ALL of them have at least some negative reviews.

You're not certain what gear you need. Do you need a portable potty, a small urinal, a child size potty, a toilet training insert, a stool? Should you be getting a songs, books, and toys about potty training?

You think, this is beginning to get expensive.

and it already is.... if you use diapers, you're pay roughly $45 for 100 size 6 diapers. If you change your child 8 times daily on average (some more, some less), you're spending over $100 a month on diapers.

Not to mention the time. If you estimate 5 minutes for each diaper change from start to finish, you're spending 20 hours a month just changing diapers.

And we aren't even including the 10 to 15 minute diaper changes that occur in public places without adequate changing tables for moms and dads or when you're faced with a particularly bad blowout.

Every child is unique. There is no ONE perfect system of potty training that works for all children. However, parents that are consistent, confident, calm, and comfortable with their methods tend to report the best outcomes for themselves and their child.

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Amanda Keating

Dr. Keating is a licensed psychologist and board certified behavior analyst. She has held a variety of leadership positions, grant awards, and graduate courses. Dr. Keating is a real life university professor, and she is currently teaching a specialty class on evidence-based practices for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. She's also, and most importantly, a mom to Gabriel, age 6 and Elise, age 18 months.

Laura Matlock M.Ed.

Laura has been a specialist in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis since May of 2003. As a board certified autism professional, she has used her expertise to work with parents and teachers to help children learn skills and manage their challenging behavior. Laura loves working with students and parents to support the development of toileting skills, and she enjoyed the process with her own littles, Cole and Julia.

We wanted to help parents eliminate the guesswork without having to actually get a Ph.D. in potty training. 

At Potty University (Potty U), we provide parents with a crystal clear road map to determine if their child is ready for potty training, what supplies they need, and how to educate their child about the potty. We specialize in helping busy modern day parents potty train their toddlers through play and without the overwhelm.


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