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There is ALOT of conflicting advice about potty training including when to start.

Did you know there are more than 20 signs of readiness for potty training typically developing children published in scientific journals?  Are you aware that you can rate your bowel movements according to a scientific scale?

Some "experts" suggest that if you start after the age of three, you're doomed to have a negative experience because your threenager will be set in his ways. Others suggest not even considering potty training until after three. 

Age isn't actually a great indicator for potty training readiness.

When you start potty training a child who isn't ready, the chances of potty training taking an unexpected turn are so. much. higher.

Take the free potty training readiness test and rate your child's readiness for potty training by assessing their languagebladder controlfine motor control, physical readiness, cooperation, and other critical areas. 

When children are rated as ready in these areas, they can typically be potty trained in less than a weekend!

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At Potty University, we wanted to help parents eliminate the guesswork without having to actually get a Ph.D. in potty training. 

The readiness test provides a crystal clear road map to determining if your child is ready for potty training.

Take a few minutes to know if your child is ready and whether it's "go-time."


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