Is Potty Training During a Global Pandemic a Good Idea?

So, at a minimum, you are likely to be spending more time at home over the next few weeks. Great! A perfect time to potty train, right?


There are pros and cons to potty training at any time. This MIGHT be an excellent opportunity to potty train your toddler and adequately follow up. Having the chance to encourage potty skills after the initial learning has taken place is often a real problem for parents. Now parents may have a much better chance to fully support their child to use the potty independently after they’ve started using it. Or, you could be like this mom and panicking because diapers are in short supply.  

However, this might be the worst possible time to potty train. You might be stressed, overwhelmed, and ill-prepared to start. When potty training isn't thoughtfully planned out, it can really go sidewise. Toddlers who don't want to sit on the potty, parents who give up after 3 days- meltdowns, tantrums, or children not learning...

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I'm interested in learning more about Potty University's play-based potty training method.