The Constipation Solution, Increasing Fiber

Who gives a poop?!

I talk to a lot of physicians about “poop.” It’s true. Most pediatricians I know say they get questions about bowel movements for at least half of children they see. In fact, 3-5% of pediatric outpatient visits are just related to constipation. For pediatric GI specialists, it’s 35% or more of ALL their visits. Although people think of constipation as infrequent bowel movements, it can also describe large bowel movements, holding a lot of stool in your body (e.g. fecal load), or bowl movements that are overly firm or hard.

Constipation is often related to a variety of factors. It can be impacted by foods, fluids, movement, medications, and other health conditions. Some of these are more readily changed than others. When children don't have enough fluids or fiber, potty training can be really challenging. When children are constipated, they are more likely to have poop accidents, resist using the potty for bowel movements, or request a...

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I'm interested in learning more about Potty University's play-based potty training method.